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These affordable services are available to emerging artists at all stages of development and are flexible to the needs of the individual artist or project.


For these purposes, we generally define 'emerging' as artists in the first eight years of their professional practice or in Tertiary studies (or equivalent), however, we are happy to help artists at any stage of their practice but additional costs may be incurred.

To enquire about these services please email


Do you have a first draft of a script but not sure what to do next? Or perhaps you just need a professional opinion before the next stage.

We offer snap Script Assessments (1-2 pages written feedback) to help emerging writers and theatre-makers elevate their works. 

Please allow 2 weeks for turnaround.


Don't like writing grants?

Don't worry, we can help you.

Let us know what fund you would like to apply for (or we can suggest some options) and we will do the writing for you.


Bringing a work to the stage for the first time? Second time? Tenth time? Need some guidance on what options are available to bring your production to life (and get paid)?

Our Producing Consultations are 90-minute sessions and are tailored to your needs. 


Is your show in need of a poster? Maybe a Facebook event banner? A distinct visual style to sell your show is key to getting bums on seats. 

You supply the photo or concept and we can convert it into a design that will grab the attention of your audience. 

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